European Cherry Parquet Flooring Blocks - 400 x 70 x 13mm

European Cherry Parquet Flooring Blocks - 400 x 70 x 13mm

Discover the allure of our European Cherry parquet flooring blocks, a perfect blend of tradition and luxury. Each parquet block is crafted from the finest cherry wood flooring sources in Europe. A floor made from our cherry hardwood flooring blocks embodies the rich heritage and warmth that cherry is celebrated for.

European Cherry shares the beautiful grain pattern and warm hue of the more commonly seen American cherry. European cherry is slightly harder than its American cousin. This superior hardness and slightly denser structure, gives it better durability. That means less scratches and dents in your new floor.

European cherry needs proper maintenance to maintain its appearance. Dusting, damp cloth cleaning and regular use of wood conditioner keeps the wood's aesthetics intact.

Key Features of Cherry Solid Hardwood Flooring

  • Classic Elegance:

    With its distinctive cherry red hue, European Cherry offers a timeless warmth that deepens with age. This turns every cherry wood floor into a masterpiece of natural warmth.
  • Durability Meets Beauty:

    Beyond its aesthetic appeal, European Cherry stands as a robust hardwood floor choice. This gives your cherry flooring resilience without compromising on elegance.
  • Sustainably Sourced:

    Our cherry wood flooring UK collection is responsibly harvested. We want to ensure you're investing in both quality and sustainability.
  • Versatile Design:

    These blocks, ideal for cherry parquet flooring, measure 400 x 70 x 15mm. It's a size that offers flexibility for both traditional herringbone and contemporary patterns.
  • Solid Wood Excellence:

    These parquet blocks are crafted from cherry solid hardwood flooring material. Each block promises longevity and a natural lustre that enhances any interior.

Elevate your spaces with the unmatched charm of our cherry wood parquet flooring. It's more than just parquet flooring; it's a reflection of nature's grandeur and a commitment to quality.

400 x 70 x 13mm

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