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There is little in the world that beats the look of real wood floors in your home. Border Floor Ltd are the go-to floor maintenance experts for Cumbria, the North and Borders. We have specialised in looking after real hardwood flooring and engineered wood floors in Carlisle, Dumfries, and the surrounding areas for over 25 years.

To keep your floor at its best – there are a few simple steps that you can take: Call Border Floor when you need the big maintenance jobs done.

Wood Floor Maintenance by Border Floor Professionals

If you follow our regular wood floor maintenance tips below, you will only ever need to call us in once a year at the most, to give your floor an annual key down and a fresh coat of lacquer or oil.

Wood Floor Repairs

Small scratches and scrape marks can be dealt simply by using a touch-up product matched to the surface finish of your floor. This is easily included in an annual maintenance session.

We deal with small impact marks in solid wood flooring by filling with wood filler. The repair is then colour matched to your type of wood floor product using a touch up oil, lacquer, or wax. In the case of deep scratches, splits, or major damage, we can remove the individual damaged strips, blocks or planks and replace them with a very closely matched piece(s).

We will carry out partial renovation of your wood flooring: The area that has been badly worn or has been damaged will be scraped, if necessary, then sanded down to a clean wood surface. The renovation is completed by applying an appropriate number of finishing layers and blending that into the rest of the floor to give as perfect a match as possible. When manufacturer can be identified, we will always endeavour to follow their recommendations before any repair work gets under way.

In older properties or properties that have suffered major problem, Border Floor will carry out total renovation of your wooden floors: Where the usual maintenance or surface treatment will not be sufficient, the entire wood floor will be machine sanded down to clean wood and refinished to give a virtually new looking floor.

The Best Wooden Floor Maintenance in Your Home Is Prevention and Simple Cleaning

If possible; try to keep gravel and sand outside. First get yourself a decent doormat to wipe shoes clean and dry them off before coming in. If there is likely to be a lot of dirty footed traffic, then a rough mat outside the door as well is a good idea.

Soft pads underneath furniture legs save the finish of your floor much better than castors or hard protectors.

Regular cleaning & maintenance

It's the regular grinding in of sand and mud by the passage of feet that removes the shine and degrades the appearance of any wooden floor. Avoid using "All Purpose Cleaners", wax or vinegar-based products as they also degrade the floor's finish.

Sometimes basic cleaning will need to be more frequent. When kids are trotting in and out of the garden or football season has started up and the weather is wet, or the garden is muddy. Floors in a light-coloured wood like beech, are a lot more sensitive to scuffing and marking than dark ones and will need cleaning more regularly.

Periodic Floor Maintenance For Different Types Of Wood Floor?

The type of flooring product in your home does alter the way you carry out more thorough maintenance. If the wooden floor finishes (below) looks dull, scratched or show wear, these steps will restore and protect the beauty of the different floor finishes. Vacuum your floor carefully as normal.

Varnished, Painted or Hardwaxed Wood Surfaces
  1. Clean the floor using a Wood Floor Microfibre Cleaning Pad on your mop.
  2. Apply Wood Floor Polish or Refresher with an Applicator Pad. Apply one even coating over the whole floor.
  3. Let dry for at least 2 hours.
Please note that some Wood Floor Polish contains wax which needs to be removed if the floor is to be sanded down and re-varnished at some point. To remove build-up of polish, use Remover. Wood Floor Refresher does not contain wax and thus allows for future coats of varnish.

Engineered Wood Flooring
  1. Clean it using a Microfibre Cleaning Pad attached to your mop.
  2. Polish with Applicator Pad. Spread a single even coat over the whole floor.
  3. Allow to dry for at least 2 hours.

Don’t forget beech and hard maple finishes in engineered wood are very sensitive to excess moisture so be careful! Cleaning products that contain ammonia should be avoided.

Oiled Floors

Avoid strong stain removing products and hard scrubbing. You will end up discolouring the wood finish. Before the floor appears dry and dirt collects in the pores of the wood, apply a coat of Oil Refresher to increase the resistance to water and dirt.

  1. Clean the floor using an Oil Cleaner and a Microfibre Cleaning Pad.
  2. Dampen a Microfibre Cleaning Pad with Oil Refresher.
  3. Spray Oil Refresher onto the floor and distribute with the pad. Apply one even coat over the whole floor.
  4. Let dry for at least 2 hours.

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