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Balance luxury wood with practical needs

Many people need help finding the right flooring for their needs. They want something that looks elegant but is also strong and long-lasting. The challenge is to pick a floor that shows off the wood's natural beauty but can also handle daily use. Choosing gets even trickier when you consider things like preparing the floor underneath.

Combining beauty and strength

At Border Floor, we have created the perfect solution with our extensive collection of engineered wood flooring. We recognise the need for flooring that showcases the beauty of real wood floors and offers enhanced stability, durability, and adaptability. Our range of engineered wood flooring provides the perfect balance between appeal and strength.
● Reclaimed hardwood flooring
● Tropical hardwoods available
● Specialist products sourced

Explore our range of engineered wood flooring

Discover our extensive range of engineered wood flooring. Our collection features a variety of colour variations to suit every taste. Whether you prefer the classic appeal of engineered oak flooring or the unique texture of other wood species, we have something for every home.

Compatibility with underfloor heating

Engineered wood flooring offers excellent adaptability with modern amenities like underfloor heating. The base layers of our engineered wood provide stability and efficiency, making them a perfect choice for high moisture areas or rooms with fluctuating temperatures.

Real wood floor is easy to install

Achieve the beauty of real wood with the practicality of our engineered solutions. Our engineered wood planks come with an easy install process, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of real wood without the hassle. Whether it's solid wood flooring or engineered oak, our professional team will ensure a smooth installation.

Top layer and base layers

The unique construction of our engineered wood flooring includes a top layer of real wood and multiple base layers for enhanced stability. This design adds to the durability while maintaining the appearance of solid wood flooring.

Oak flooring and other speciality products

Looking for the classic appeal of oak flooring? Our engineered oak selection combines the natural charm of oak with the benefits of engineered construction. Or explore a variety of other wood planks to find the perfect fit for your style.

Endless possibilities of parquet flooring

In addition to our extensive engineered wood collection, we also offer exquisite parquet flooring. The intricate designs and craftsmanship add a touch of elegance to any space, allowing for a unique expression of style.

The art of buying engineered wood

Begin your search for engineered wood flooring with a chat with Border Floor. We'll uncover what you want regarding looks and practicality and help you choose an engineered wood option perfect for your room. Engineered wood is made in layers, making it strong and stable. It's a good choice for places where the moisture and warmth might fluctuate. Our trained teams will put each piece of flooring in place, making a strong and attractive surface that shows off the natural beauty of the wood.

The perfect fusion

Border Floor's engineered wood flooring is the perfect mix of good looks and toughness. We won't stop working until you're completely happy. Our job is only done when you can see how beautiful your floor is and feel sure it's strong and will last a long time.

Ready to enhance your space with engineered wood flooring?

Whether you're interested in hardwood flooring, engineered oak, or other wooden flooring options, contact us to get started. Our skilled team is ready to guide you through the entire process of selecting your flooring.

Embrace the possibilities of engineered wood flooring to create a space that meets your needs. Get in touch now to take the next step in enhancing your space.


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